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Wang Tiven June 25, 2018
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Kubernetes master node ip changed

当 Kubernetes master 节点主机 IP 改变了,或者有多个网络适配器就是说有多个 IP 地址而 Kubeadm init 时只为其中一个生成了证书,那么我们要为新的或另外的 IP 生成证书。

按正规做法,你应该在 kubeadm init 之前为 master 主机设置个静态 IP 地址,避免以后各种麻烦,因为我们所有操作都是通过 master 主机进行的,所以如果它的 IP 地址变了,很多东西就无法验证。例如 kubectl 使用的地址和证书就会无法校验通过。

我尝试通过修改 ~/.kube/config 配置中的地址改为 就会报如下错误,显然原来的证书并没有信任这个地址

root@kubemaster:~# kubectl get nodes
Unable to connect to the server: x509: certificate is valid for,, not

kubeadm alpha

  • kubeadm alpha phase certs 生成证书
  • kubeadm alpha phase kubeconfig 生成配置文件
    rm /etc/kubernetes/pki/apiserver.*
    kubeadm alpha phase certs all --apiserver-advertise-address= --apiserver-cert-extra-sans=
    docker rm -f `docker ps -q -f 'name=k8s*kube-apiserver*'`
    systemctl restart kubelet
    rm /etc/kubernetes/admin.conf
    kubeadm alpha phase kubeconfig admin


Using kubeadm with multiple network interfaces


I’m testing a Kubernetes cluster with VirtualBox and Vagrant. Every VM has an NATed interface (eth0) and a Host-Only interface (eth1). I wanted to make the first node try to join the master using the Host-Only IP address VMs contact each other using the Host-Only interfaces.


When running kubeadm init, you must make sure you specify an internal IP for the API server’s bind address, like so:

kubeadm init --apiserver-advertise-address=

And set parameter --node-ip for kubelet service in config file /etc/systemd/system/kubelet.service.d/10-kubeadm.conf equal IP address of the node. If set, kubelet will use this IP address for the node.

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/kubelet.service.d/10-kubeadm.conf

# ...
Environment="KUBELET_NETWORK_ARGS=--network-plugin=cni --cni-conf-dir=/etc/cni/net.d --cni-bin-dir=/opt/cni/bin --node-ip="
# ...

重启 kubelet 服务

sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl restart kubelet.service



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