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Wang Tiven January 08, 2018
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Image: smack-stack-is-the-new-lamp-stack-comparison

  • Spark – A general engine for large-scale data processing, enabling analytics from SQL queries to machine learning, graph analytics, and stream processing
  • Mesos – Distributed systems kernel that provides resourcing and isolation across all the other SMACK stack components. Mesos is the foundation on which other SMACK stack components run.
  • Akka – A toolkit and runtime to easily create concurrent and distributed apps that are responsive to messages.
  • Cassandra – Distributed database management system that can handle large amounts of data across servers with high availability.
  • Kafka – A high throughput, low-latency platform for handling real-time data feeds with no data loss.

Manning - Streaming DATA

Image: Manning - Streaming DATA



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