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What is DSO

A DSO is a two dimensional storage unit which mainly stores consolidated and cleansed transaction data or master data on a lowest granularity. DSO stands for Data Store Object.

  • It is a two dimensional Transparent Table.
  • Data is stored at detailed level.
  • With DSO, it is also possible to overwrite data fields.
  • Detailed level reporting can be obtained from a DSO.

Types of DSO

DSOs can be classified into the following types:

  • Standard DSO
  • Direct Update DSO
  • Write-Optimized DSO

Standard DSO

A standard DSO has three transparent tables on the database.

  • Activation Queue: Holds the records that are to be updated, not yet been activated.
  • Active Data: Table which holds active data.
  • Change Log: Holds the change history for delta loads.

Creation Of Standard DSO

Step 1.

Go to transaction code RSA1



BW/4 HANA解决方案的亮点

将传统的虚拟提供者全部切换到Composite Provider和Open ODS View,其中Open ODS View主要基于HANA视图提供数据,Composite Provider通过组合其他虚拟对象对外提供数据。而传统的Cube、DSO等则全部转换为Advanced Data Store Object –ADSO。信息对象的概念得以保留。

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