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A multi-target application (MTA) comprises multiple pieces of software called “modules” which all share a common lifecycle for development and deployment. An MTA is described in two descriptor files: the design-time descriptor and the deployment descriptor:

  • Development descriptor mta.yaml
  • Deployment descriptor mtad.yaml

Multi-target applications collect multiple modules and resource references in a single, deployable archive.

Where is Properties of Cloud Foundry Manifest

CF MultiApps Plugin



$ cf install-plugin multiapps
Searching CF-Community for plugin multiapps...
Plugin multiapps 2.1.1 found in: CF-Community
Attention: Plugins are binaries written by potentially untrusted authors.
Install and use plugins at your own risk.
Do you want to install the plugin multiapps? [yN]: y
Starting download of plugin binary from repository CF-Community...
 14.41 MiB / 14.41 MiB [=======================================================================================================================================================================] 100.00% 6s
Installing plugin multiapps...

Plugin multiapps 2.1.1 successfully installed.

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