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Try Cloud Foundry 1 - Pivotal Web Services

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Try Cloud Foundry 2 - Cloud Foundry Components Router

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Try Cloud Foundry 3 - Cloud Foundry Components UAA


Try Cloud Foundry 4 - Custom Domain

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This topic try how routes and domains work in Cloud Foundry, and how developers and administrators configure routes and domains for their applications using the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cf CLI).

Try Cloud Foundry 5 - UAA OAuth2

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This article explains how to use Cloud Foundry APIs from a user application using the built in identity management solution in the User Account and Authentication Service (UAA). The UAA acts (amongst other things) as an OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server, granting access tokens to Client applications for them to use when accessing Resource Servers in the platform, such as the Cloud Controller. This article describes the responsibilities of a Client application and the mechanics of setting one up.

Try Cloud Foundry 6 - Multi Tenancy

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The UAA supports multi tenancy. This is referred to as identity zones. An identity zones is accessed through a unique subdomain.

Try Cloud Foundry 7 - Spring Boot

Try Cloud Foundry 8 - Spring Cloud Connector

Try Cloud Foundry 9 - Message Broker

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Try Cloud Foundry 10 - Service Discovery

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Service Registry for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) provides your applications with an implementation of the Service Discovery pattern, one of the key tenets of a microservice-based architecture. Trying to hand-configure each client of a service or adopt some form of access convention can be difficult and prove to be brittle in production. Instead, your applications can use the Service Registry to dynamically discover and call registered services.

Try Cloud Foundry 11 - Autoscaler

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This topic describes how to configure App Autoscaler to automatically scale applications based on rules that you set.

Try Cloud Foundry 12 - Config Server

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Config Server for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) is an externalized application configuration service, which gives you a central place to manage an application’s external properties across all environments.

Try Cloud Foundry 13 - Logs

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Loggregator is the next generation system for aggregating and streaming logs and metrics from all of the user apps and system components in an Elastic Runtime deployment. Loggregator uses Google's protocol buffers along with gRPC to deliver logs.
Buildpacks provide framework and runtime support for apps. Buildpacks typically examine your apps to determine what dependencies to download and how to configure the apps to communicate with bound services.
How Docker works in Cloud Foundry.
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