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本文我们在前面一篇How to develop XS Application on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform的基础上介绍在HANA和HANA Cloud上如何创建和使用HTTP Destination来访问Internet http api或者On-Premise系统的api。为了更贴近现实应用场景,我们仍然使用HANA XS Application与Line服务器的集成场景。本文完整项目代码可以在Github下载。


  1. How to develop an XS application on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform
  2. How to develop an XS Odata Service by CDS on the HCP
  3. How to Create a Fiori app Using OData service on the HCP
  4. How to Config Fiori App in Fiori Launchpad
  5. How to use HTTP Destination in HANA and HANA Cloud
  6. HANA Cloud Connector


Create file .xshttpdest

在Project Package下创建文件LineProfiles.xshttpdest

description = "Trialbot Profiles of Line";
host = "trialbot-api.line.me";
port = 443;
pathPrefix = "/v1/profiles";
proxyType = none;
authType = none;
useSSL = true;
timeout = 0;

这个HTTP Destination使用了SSL连接,所以需要添加SSL证书

XS Admin Trust Manager

下载https://api.line.me域名的证书,并在XS Admin管理界面(https:///sap/hana/xs/admin/)中的Trust Manager中创建一个Line的Trust Store,导入此证书

HANA XS Admin Trust Manager
HANA XS Admin Trust Manager

下载LINE API的证书时注意,要使用完整的API访问(不然域名会发生跳转),然后使用默认配置导出cer证书文件

Assign Trust Store

把创建好的Trust Store of line分配给LineProfiles Destination

HANA XS Admin HTTP Destination Details
HTTP Destination Details

Use Destination in XSJS

在XSJS程序里使用http destination的文件名来获取destination并用在http client发送请求里

var conDestPackage = "digital-account",
    conLineDestName = "LineProfiles";

function getUserProfiles( persons ) {
	var mids = persons.join(",");

   var dest = $.net.http.readDestination(conDestPackage, conLineDestName);
   var client = new $.net.http.Client();
   var req = new $.web.WebRequest($.net.http.GET, "?mids="+mids);
   req.headers.set("X-Line-ChannelID", "<your line channel id>");
   req.headers.set("X-Line-ChannelSecret", "<your line channel secret>");
   req.headers.set("X-Line-Trusted-User-With-ACL", "<your line mid");
   client.request(req, dest);
   var response = client.getResponse();  
   var contacts = JSON.parse(response.body.asString()).contacts;

   var i = 0;
   for(i = 0; i < contacts.length; i++) {

需要注意的是当访问On-Premise的Gateway service时,Authorization x-csrf-token等http headers需要考虑

HANA Cloud Platform

MDC Database

对于HCP的MDC类型的HANA数据库,HTTP Destination文件内容里需要添加proxy才能访问Internet网络服务。Internet 和 On-Premise连接的代理配置列表如下

Internet Connectivity

XS parameter hana.ondemand.com us1.hana.ondemand.com ap1.hana.ondemand.com hanatrial.ondemand.com
useProxy true true false true
proxyHost proxy proxy N/A proxy-trial
proxyPort 8080 8080 N/A 8080
useSSL true / false true / false true / false true / false

On-Premise Connectivity

XS parameter hana.ondemand.com us1.hana.ondemand.com ap1.hana.ondemand.com hanatrial.ondemand.com
useProxy true true true  
proxyHost localhost localhost localhost  
proxyPort 20003 20003 20003  
useSSL false false false  


关于Cloud访问Internet Connectivity和On-Premise Connectivity参见SAP SAP HANA Cloud Documentation - Consuming the Connectivity Service (HANA XS)

Schema of HANA (<shared>) DB


Next Steps


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