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很多公司的云平台都提供了Cloud Foundry服务,本文介绍HANA Cloud platform上的Cloud Foundry services。


  1. Getting Started with HCP Cloud Foundry
  2. How to develop a Node.js application with MongoDB service on HCP Cloud Foundry
  3. How to develop a Node.js applicaiton with RabbitMQ service on HCP Cloud Foundry


Create a Starter Edition for Cloud Foundry Services

  1. Enable the Starter Edition for Cloud Foundry Services in HCP 登录到HCP,左边栏services菜单点开,然后开启”HCP,Starter Edition for Cloud Foundry Services”服务,目前还是beta版本。 Go to Service,会转到YaaS,YaaS是SAP Hybris的云服务平台。 HCP Starter edition for CF

  2. Create a poject in YaaS 注册登录YaaS并创建Organization和一个project,There seems to be a litte meshup between the terms because the project you create within an organization is in fact the name you want to remember as the organization when you push your application to HCP-CF.

  3. Subscribe HCP Cloud Foundry Services 在YaaS的project的 Administration 里,添加HCP Starter Edition for Cloud Foundry Services的subscription,然后project的左边栏会出现”SAP HANA Cloud Platform”。 HCP Starter edition for CF in YaaS

  4. Create a space Go to and login “SAP HANA Cloud Platform” by clicking MANAGE HCP APPLICATIONS, then create a space by clicking New Space, which is the cloud space you put the applications.

Install cf cli

在使用HCP Cloud Foundry services时需要Cloud Foundry的命令行工具cf CLI from Github

Project Source Code

这里我们创建一个最简单的静态页面应用,部署在HCP Cloud Foundry上。Application完整代码可以在这里下载Github

  • Create project folder


  • Create manifest.yml

创建一个文件manifest.yml,这是cloud foundry的配置文件。

- name: my-static-app
  random-route: true
  memory: 64M
  • Create index.html


<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>Hello, World!</title>
  <h1>Hello, World! </h1>
  <p>I am in HCP Cloud Foundry services.</p>
  • Create empty file Staticfile


Install Application

接着安装到HCP Cloud Foundry service。

  • Login to HCP CF

\>cf api https://api.cf.us10.hana.ondemand.com

\>cf login

  • Install

在manifest.yml所在目录运行cf push命令安装

\my-static-app>cf push


cf push success


关于更多Cloud Foundry的知识请学习cloudfoundry training

Project in HCP CF

打开HCP Cloud Foundry service cockpit,可以看到刚创建的project详细信息:

my static app

Next Steps

本文介绍了如何在HCP Cloud Foundry service上创建接单的静态页面project,接下来我们将要介绍在HCP Cloud Foundry service上构建Node.js应用,并且如何使用Node.js连接MongoDBRabbitMQ服务


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